/ˈbʊli / (say 'boolee)

noun (plural bullies)
1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who browbeats smaller or weaker people.
a. a quandong seed threaded on a string.
b. (plural) a children's game in which one player uses their bully to strike their opponent's bully, the winner being the player whose bully does not break.
3. Archaic a man hired to do violence.
4. Obsolete a pimp; procurer.
5. Obsolete a good friend; good fellow; gallant.
6. Obsolete a sweetheart; darling.
verb (bullied, bullying)
verb (t)
7. to act the bully towards.
verb (i)
8. to be loudly arrogant and overbearing.
9. bully for …, (now usually ironic) (an exclamation indicating support and praise for a person or persons specified): *Bully for all happily married men, or unhappily married men who have the guts to overthrow the status quo and reach out for happiness –neilma sidney, 1988.
{Dutch boele lover}
/ˈbʊli / (say 'boolee)

bully beef.
{? French bouilli boiled beef, properly past participle of bouillir boil}
/ˈbʊli / (say 'boolee)

1. Hockey the procedure by which play is started or restarted. Two opposing players with the ball between them strike the ground and the opponent's stick alternately three times, and then try to strike the ball first.
verb (i) Also, bully off.
2. to start play in this way.
{origin unknown}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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